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Google Cloud offers the ability to create custom roles at the project level and organization level. We will create a custom role and deploy it using a YAML file and some gcloud cli though cloudshell.

Before you begin, please ensure you have the right roles/permissions to create roles inside a project. A minimum permission of “iam.roles.create” is required.

General structure of YAML file needed for IAM

Below is the structure the YAML file needs to follow to create an IAM role:

Creating a YAML file

Create the file by entering the follow command in cloudshell:


Today I will be showing you how to create an Apache web server using the IaC tool called, Terraform, inside a GCP cloud environment.

This walk-though has the expectation that you already have Terraform installed, gone through the how-to tutorial they provide, and have already created a service account with the appropriate json key in GCP.

What is IaC?

Infrastructure as code (IaC) has been steadily increasing as companies are adopting the devops culture into their environments. IBM’s definitions of IaC “…automates the provisioning of infrastructure, enabling your organization to develop, deploy, and scale cloud applications with greater speed, less risk, and reduced…

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Associate Cloud Engineer Badge

I recently sat for (and passed) Google’s Associate Cloud Engineer exam. I wanted to write a brief blog, share my experience, and maybe even help some others along the way.


As of October 2020, this is Google’s only Associate level exam. You will have ~2 hours to answer 50 questions. There are no prerequisites to test, so anyone wanting to take it can sign up; however, Google recommends at least 6 months hands on experience with GCP.

My Approach:

I started studying for this exam in late July and tested in early October. In the beginning, I read Dan Sullivan’s book and…

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