Today I will be showing you how to create an Apache web server using the IaC tool called, Terraform, inside a GCP cloud environment.

This walk-though has the expectation that you already have Terraform installed, gone through the how-to tutorial they provide, and have already created a service account with the appropriate json key in GCP.

What is IaC?

Infrastructure as code (IaC) has been steadily increasing as companies are adopting the devops culture into their environments. …

Associate Cloud Engineer Badge

I recently sat for (and passed) Google’s Associate Cloud Engineer exam. I wanted to write a brief blog, share my experience, and maybe even help some others along the way.


As of October 2020, this is Google’s only Associate level exam. You will have ~2 hours to answer 50 questions. There are no prerequisites to test, so anyone wanting to take it can sign up; however, Google recommends at least 6 months hands on experience with GCP.

My Approach:

I started studying for this exam in late July and tested in early October. In the beginning, I read Dan Sullivan’s book and watched A Cloud Guru (ACG) videos. …

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